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We live in a world dominated by big money. Trillions of dollars change hands every day, major banks and hedge funds have unimaginable financial power and are hardly ever controlled by law. It is evident that the term "money", with its mechanics of profit and growth, plays an essential role in our present and future.

But how is it possible that a human-made product such as money could gain this incredible power over all of us? And what if we became aware that we are able to challenge its power and take into consideration a new form of economic activity?

What if our focus shifted from power and status to creating opportunities for more innovation and sustainable solutions for the common good and the environment?


What if we were able to imagine an economy without money that will not only enable survival but life in all its dignity?


This idea is impressively daring. It does not fit into our brains, which have been conditioned from birth in such a way that money dominates our lives like a law of nature.

Join our community and challenge the status quo!

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