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Step out of your shadow

A comprehensive transformation e-course

Learn the wisdom, skills, and tools to put the full puzzle of your inner self together. By exploring and embracing your inner diversity you will not simply discover who you are — you will empower yourself to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, success, and relationships.

This compelling step-by-step approach is a full transformation program of 30 video modules where you will do deep emotional work to help you discover patterns and behaviors you might want to change. You will learn new concepts that you can use as tools to release your own fundamental potential.

30 video modules

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Get the book!

A goldmine of incredibly effective exercises

How often do you look at others and think 'I'd like to be like that'? Many of us spend our lives trying to please others and to fit in - and we don't even realize it. With this book, a happy and fulfilled life is within reach. lt takes you on an inspiring journey to increase self-confidence and become authentic and highly attractive to others.

By going through this compelling step-by-step approach you will do deep emotional work to help you discover patterns and behaviors you might want to change. You will learn new tools to release your own fundamental potential, overcome your fears, and set yourself a compelling and exciting vision of your future.

Book available in English and French

Alice Gundhardt



I am a success coach, speaker and author, who inspires and empowers her clients to mobilize their individual resources, to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, success, and relationships.

To be successful AND to live a fulfilling life is no easy feat. It takes effort and courage to get there - and the willingness to leave one’s comfort zone.

If you are ready to embrace this process and want to benefit from the energy surge it comes with, then my programs are for you.

I have been a communications leader for over 20 years, steadily climbing the corporate ladder until I became a member of the executive committee of an international pharmaceutical company. I know what it takes to get there, and I know about the patterns of behavior that make – or break - a successful leader.

With every step up the ladder, it became more obvious to me how crucial authenticity is: Only if we are genuinely and honestly aware of our competencies, values, and strengths, we can build confidence and trust in others, and, most importantly, in ourselves.

In 2018, at the height of my professional success, I decided to take a leap of faith and make the quest for an authentic self my vocation. Like every great journey, it all started in my brain, where I began to put the different pieces of my personal puzzle together, one after another. Some are still missing, and others don’t seem to fit right. That’s ok though and made the experience real, helping me to reach levels of self-awareness and self-confidence that I would have never imagined before. 

I see this magic happening with each and every one of my clients now, once they open up for the adventure. Everything is possible when you choose to become the best version of yourself – and the best part is that you can start right away!

Certified member  of the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI)

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Ulrike's method SHINE is highly recommended to all those who want to work holistically on their personality and their life circumstances. The professional and sympathetic support by Ulrike as well as the price-performance ratio round off the program perfectly. A very recommendable seminar!

Sebastian Gigla

The seminar was intense, amazing, unexpected and very valuable. We left rich in experience and with absolutely feasible tools and self-imposed tasks to improve skills and decrease weaknesses. The take-aways from just one day are unbelievable. I can only recommend this experience...

Alice Gundhardt

A force of personality and energy - you can't help but be caught up and highly motivated by the enthusiasm, drive, and warmth of Ulrike. A fabulous example of how emotional intelligence, experience, and analytical capabilities create a great leader and person.

Rory Fitzpatrick